A six word Haiku

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Made of Clay

A poem about us humans. Love and care for each other helps us to build ourselves beautifully. However, harshness and hatred can only break a person into something dark and miserable.

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A Man’s Fate

Fate – This poem is about a man who lost his love and wishes to rewrite his fate, to be with his true love. Written in response to Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 25 July 2020 By Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. #Rhymetime

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From a Good Heart

It is unimaginably hard, and scary when you know why your wound is hurting and what you need to do to stop the bleeding, but have no courage to do it… Don’t lose that good heart “….Then there are things which are beyond our control, when we lose something because of that incapability, God is […]

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Let her live

Let Her Live – Poem about an independent strong woman who’ve overcome the delusion of love and grown out from the fairytale where ‘they lived happily ever after’ … She knows her worth and is not ready to settle for someone who can’t give her due respect and love.

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A poem about words – words are Meaningful and strong if spoken truly with deeper understanding of the matter . Such words can influence others and cause positive change in a person or a society.

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Chicken Pizza

No matter how hard life has been and how complicated things are for you, with all the veggies and seasoned chicken baked in rich cheese, on top of a homemade dough.. Life is simply delicious!!! at that moment.

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Pizza Dough

They say “anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness, has clearly never spent their money on pizza” (Andrew W.K). I believe that once you make your own pizza, that happiness just turns into pure love. Pizza is definitely my comfort food. It’s simple and deliciously fulfilling.

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Life in Lockdown

We are living history these days, that will be read, written and studied about in future. Though, it doesn’t feel so historic when you are actually living the most stagnant life you have ever lived. Being a stay at home mom, it shouldn’t bother me much, but trust me IT DOES. There is a huge […]

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