Rhapsodic Torment

Rhapsodic torment - A poem that portrays the importance of accepting whatever happiness is present in our lives and avoiding useless overthinking over past and unstoppable desires for future. We should appreciate the cycle of change this life offers and be grateful of its ephemerality.

Shadow of the willow trees
On the grass I walk to appease
Regretting past, fretting future
Breathing in the cold breeze

As if the beauty around me
Was not enough to see
The bright ray of sunshine
Rather a dead dry leaf

It is only when you see
The life as fugitive and fleet
No moment, can we skip or repeat
May it be bitter or sweet

Sunny to colorful spring
From dark clouds to rain
Embrace life and its transitions
For nothing will forever remain

So the only thing I hold
Is the choice to be content
With the blessings of my present
To cease the rhapsodic torment

Photo credit: Alfred on Unsplash


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