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Let her live

Let Her Live - Poem about an independent strong woman who’ve overcome the delusion of love and grown out from the fairytale where ‘they lived happily ever after’ ... She knows her worth and is not ready to settle for someone who can’t give her due respect and love.

Chained by love
Captive in ropes
Waiting for someone
She held her hopes

Passed by the days
She paved new ways
Unshackled her pride
Life began to stride

Made both ends meet
Had world at her feet
Lacking a man in life
Is she incomplete ?

She winked at people
Judging her as lone
Rather a self sufficient
Queen on her throne

For the cavalier she’ll wait
Refuse to be another bait
As the world has not ended yet
Let her live…
And die…
With no regret

Picture Credit: Zack Dowdy @ Unsplash

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