How to deal with a person suffering from Depression

In the world we live today, it’s so easy to mind your own business on the name of privacy. But sometimes, we misuse these notions by justifying our inconsiderate response towards others. Depression – a mental health problem, which is considered as a taboo even today.

In the world we live today, it’s so easy to mind your own business on the name of privacy. But sometimes, we misuse these notions by justifying our inconsiderate response towards others. Depression – a mental health problem, which is considered as a taboo even today. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives and know exactly how it feels to be depressed and how the world just stops making any sense at all. Though it happens with different levels of severity, yet it disturbs the life of a person even in its lowest intensity. For some people, being sad and feeling low is part of their personality and they tend to live with it without getting much affected.

I know people who never experienced depression and often deny its existence in such extreme forms which require professional help or medications. Some of us are kind enough and always tend to understand others sensitively and offer emotional support to the ones who need it. Though, the matter of ‘how to deal with a person suffering from depression?’ is still understated or not really talked about. It is important for a depressed person to talk it out and express what he/she feels, but how we should respond to those extraordinary feelings is just another critical matter.

A person with depression hides his feelings and does not find it easy to express , making it almost impossible to figure out if he is just feeling blue or is depressed. In order to figure it out, we need to look for some common behavioral changes that are found in someone suffering from depression. When depression hits a person he finds it difficult to perform his daily chores with the lack of interest in everything that once mattered. They might avoid socializing, develop a sense of low self-esteem and start developing unexplained anger and agitation as well. In addition, sudden weight loss or gain is also very common. Once you know that a person is depressed, there are few basic things you can do to make him feel better and help him out.

First and most importantly, be compassionate. Yes! It is the game changer. Love, care and compassion are the strongest feelings that can mend any broken heart or mind. Show love and care, encourage them nicely. Take part in there activities, whether it’s just a walk, or a movie night, or simply a conversation that might compel them to speak out and share their feelings. Offer help with whatever they are struggling to do. Small acts of kindness and compassion would mean a lot to anyone but especially to those who are depressed and feeling lonely. Remember that we are no professionals and they might react unexpectedly to your compassion. You just need to know that they are not in their best state of mind and don’t take anything personally. They might not see things the way you do, so avoid lecturing and telling them that they are wrong. Instead, show understanding and primarily agree with their point of view and then swiftly present a more positive view of the picture. That way, there are less chances of them being offended and will probably develop trust and emotional understanding towards you. At the end, it is very important to encourage them to get help. Depression is not simply an emotional or mental weakness; it’s a sickness, a decease which in most cases requires to be taken care of medically and professionally.

As life gets complicated with all the techs and bots around us, we stop valuing the essence of simpler things such as human bond, mutual care and love. It is time for us to look out for each other and help our loved ones emotionally. Let’s think before we hurt someone’s feelings or judge them and consider the possibility that they might be going through some emotional turbulence and our judgement or comment could break them further. Let’s try to spread more love and positive vibes, for that doesn’t cost anything, but is the most valuable thing you can give to someone.


  1. I agree with your beautiful message. Love is the only law after all. Although I’ll admit that I’m no stranger to judging and misunderstanding others, I always try to see their side of things. We’re not perfect beings, sometimes we have our own issues to deal with, so we might find it hard dealing with others. But I feel like as long as we try, and do our best to show some compassion we’ll be able to lift the moods of those around us. I’m glad you were inspired to write this post and to share with us the message of love and peace.

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  2. Thank you so much for this post. People don’t understand that depression is a medical disease and not a weakness or just wanting attention. Your post will hopefully help people understand that. My son has suffered with depression fror 25 years now and the medications definitely have helped. Compassion and understanding are the keys. God bless you for your post. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I can imagine how hard it must have been for you as well to see your son suffer with depression. People who’ve seen it closely can understand how deeply it affects a life. I hope we all accept and understand the severity of this mental illness and become more aware of its treatments. Thanks lot for appreciating this post. 💕☺️

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